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Curled up on the red victorian couch.
My hand in yours, and the other stroking your hair.
You stay so silent. So quiet.
The light from the fireplace casts an eerie light upon you.
It makes you look surreal. Ethereal.
I stop stroking your hair and wonder, would you just slip away from me?
You look up at me, with your soul striking eyes.
You wonder why I've stopped.
I look back at you, pulled from my thoughts.
I smile, and you smile back.
You capture my soul again. You're the devil, and the drinker of my spirit.
Every little gesture you make makes my heart flutter, and my blood pound.
I want to stay with you, but I'm not sure you could be with me.
They want me back, and one day they'll find me.
You're an angel to me. You keep me safe from them.
The cold, cruel world out there.
I drift away once again... I see nothing.
Black envelops me. I hear a voice...
"Come back to me..."
"Come back to me, my love..."
The veil lifts, and I see again.
You're still there in my arms, looking worried.
I look back at you, and your worry is gone.
"Stay with me." You say.
I stay silent, and continue to stroke your hair.
You lean further into me, I feel your warmth.
I feel your heartbeat. It is slow and rythmic.
My eyes close...
I am asleep...
Whisked away to my dream world, where I see you.
You are mine...
You are mine...
No one else can take you.
No one else can have you.
I swear this.

Part of my feeble attempts at writing.
I'm trying to make this a short story of sorts, and I would really appreciate it if you readers could help by giving me reviews.
Thanks for reading ^^
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Submitted on
April 22, 2011